Mythfire Goes Dragon-Hunting

Contrary to what was promised in the last post, Mythfire is putting any and all blogs on Harry Potter or other subjects on hold for the time being.  A little thing called a doctoral dissertation beckons to be finished. One might say that Mythfire must descend into the abyss and face his own fire-breathing dragon…or else.

For any readers who hunger for more myth and depth psychology, here are a few suggestions:

  • check out any of the older blogs on Mythfire you may have missed
  • go to the Joseph Campbell Foundation (a great myth resource for blogs, discussion lists, and everything related to Campbell). Begin by reading a post by yours truly which was a recent featured blog. Thanks again to JCF for this honor.
  • see if there is a Jung Institute or Society in your area.  Soul-enriching life-transforming resources in the form of books, lectures, friendships, mentors, therapists, et cetera are found in places like these.
  • check back here every now and again. There is a chance something will be posted as time allows. (And let me know if you miss me.) 😉
Thanks for reading and dreaming the myth onward…
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8 Responses to Mythfire Goes Dragon-Hunting

  1. U know who says:

    Slay that dragon; We want u back!

  2. Tricia says:

    Good luck with the writing! In two weeks I’m off to Calif to celebrate with PGI classmates the completion of two mythic dissertations by members of our fold. First the defense(s)- then we party!! Would love to hear your topic.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks Tricia. I am still working out the details of the dissertation but it concerns cinema as an experience of depth and darkness. More than that will have to wait. Best of luck to you…

  4. Barbara K says:

    I discovered your blog via Joseph Campbell Foundation, and I’m glad I did. Good luck with the dissertation.

  5. Ahmed says:

    Best of luck with the thesis writing (although judging by the content of this blog, I highly doubt you will need it)!

    Maybe if you visit Algonquin with your folks again next summer we can meet up. My best to everyone there!

  6. Chris says:

    Ahmedu: thanks for the wishes and I extend congrats and similar best o’ luck wishes to you on your new job. Hope everything goes well. Keep in touch! — C

  7. Sean says:

    Nice blog: I hope dissertation ritual is nearly complete, and you’ll be able to resume posting!

  8. Ahmed says:

    Congrats Dr. Chris! Now that the dissertation is out of the way… let’s see some new content!

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