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James Hillman’s Shift to Soul-Making (“From Anima-Mess to Anima-Vessel”)

Psychologist James Hillman is best known as the founder of archetypal psychology – a branch of depth psychology that developed out of and has found its place alongside Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis and C.G. Jung’s analytical psychology. And if there is … Continue reading

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The Intoxicating Power of Flight (“Puermen & Ironmen”)

The story of Icarus provides one of the more widely known examples from mythology of the puer aeternus, or eternal youth, an archetypal figure introduced in the two prior Mythfire posts. Impetuous, curious, “intoxicated with the power to fly,” and … Continue reading

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The Epic Behavior of Carlos Estevez (“What’s in a Name?”)

This week’s blog takes a somewhat lighthearted view of a phenomenon that some of you may have noticed from time to time. Mythfire’s interest in this phenomenon was piqued a couple weeks back after reading a footnote in C.G. Jung’s … Continue reading

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